Xpert Education have a fantastic relocation package available for all teachers who are relocating to the UK. We understand that relocating to the UK can be a daunting experience, however do not worry we have fantastic team on hand to support and advise you from the very first step.

We recommend that all teachers book temporary accommodation for the first 2 nights of being in the UK, this will enable you to comfortably settle into the UK and view more permanent accommodation. Whilst you can choose to stay in a hotel, B&B or Hostel we find that opting for a hostel tends to be the most cost effective and popular option.

Please find below some links on temporary accommodation:

In terms of securing more permanent accommodation there are a few options.

  • Option 1 You can rent a property yourself, (with a partner or friend if you are coming over with one) if you choose this option you will have bills payable on top of the rent.
  • Option 2 is to rent a rent a room in a shared property, this is usually the most popular option.

We have teachers currently in the UK and others moving in constantly so we are always able to put you in touch with other teachers who will also be looking for accommodation. It is important to think about the following when considering accommodation:

  • Budget
  • Do you want to be alone or with others
  • Location
  • What is important to you when looking for accommodation (do you want to be in a busy area, near shops, close to station, near to schools, etc)

Please look at some of the links below that will assist you in searching for accommodation:

Flat Or House Rentals


Shared Accommodation

You can also look in the local newspaper for potential rentals in the local area.

All teachers who are relocating to the UK will be given a relocation advisor who will work closely with you throughout the relocation process. We fully believe in supporting you with your move, this includes assisting you with booking viewing’s and attending these with you where possible.