Below are some links that you may find useful.

Travelling Links

Tubes In London – Plan your journey with the travel for London route planner, this will give you the travel time and inform you of the tubes and lines that you need to
Train Planner – Plan your journey with the train planner. This is the journey route planner to use for over ground trains and will inform you of the time and platform of which trains are due at.

Curriculum Links
National Curriculum –
The Department for Education is the governing body for education and children’s services in the UK

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Accommodation Links

When you meet with your consultant, they will provide you with websites and guides to suitable hostels, house shares etc in the areas that you are looking to live in. If you are looking to organise somewhere before you land we can advise you on best possible way to arrange this.

Renting is the most popular way to live and there are always lots of rental properties available to suit a variety of budgets. Many teachers however choose to live in shared accommodation which sometimes works out more economical and is also a great way to meet new friends, especially if you are from overseas. To get an idea of what’s available take a look at is a very popular website for accommodation in London. There are also a number of other flat shares and property websites including